Wrinkle Busting

It has been a busy week. There’s no doubt about it, things have moved up a gear in the Jones household – a new highschooler, a fourth grader, running a small business and a travelling husband have all combined to press my foot a little harder to the gas pedal of life. I thought I was handling it all pretty well. Thought I was keeping my stress levels fairly balanced.  Even though I might have been frazzled on the inside, I felt that the picture I was portraying to the outside world was one of energy, youthfulness and inner calm.

It would seem I was wrong.

I was doing my grocery shopping this morning at a local store when the young gentleman on the checkout gave me a sharp dose of reality. When I say “young” gentleman, I’m guessing he was around 25 years old.  As I cheerily began putting my produce away, he looked at me closely, and said “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” I didn’t recognise him, and commented that I didn’t think we had met before, but that I do have a common looking face, and people will quite often think they know me when they don’t! “No, really” he said “you’re very familiar to me, do you have kids that are my age, maybe I play soccer with them?”

After I resisted the urge to hit him over the head with my bag of kale, I pulled myself together, flashed him what I hoped was a withering smile and left.

I’ll be honest with you.  I was disappointed. I carry around an image of myself in my head, I think we all do. I believe there is a mismatch between the image of me in my head, and the real me on the outside! In my image, I really don’t look like I might have kids who are 25 years old instead of 13 and 9.

Obviously, my new pace of life in the fast lane is having an outward impact after all, and it prompted me to look to my juice books and find a recipe for increasing skin glow and reducing wrinkles!!!!!!!!! So here it is, the wrinkle busting juice -super-rich in vitamin C, and bursting with substances called anthocyanidins and proanthocyanidins which among other things, have powerful protective and regenerative properties directly linked to collagen. It’s easy to make, fabulously good for you, and tasty as well.  I will be drinking it by the quart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I wonder if the checkout guy at Trader Joes will notice?

Happy Juicing

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