Watermelon Wonder

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to sit down and write something juicy.  So to get myself back on the wagon I decided to highlight a great summer fruit and tell you a bit about why it’s so unbelievably good for you to eat, but even more so to juice!

To me, watermelon is the epitomy of the American summer. I remember my first real taste of it.  A baking hot San Francisco day (wait, maybe that’s why I remember it, those are so few and far between!!) and being at one of our first summer barbeques.  Taking a huge slice of watermelon fresh from the fridge and sinking my teeth into it. I was hit by the cool freshness, the sweetness of the juice, the crispness of the red flesh and the overall slurpiness of deliciousness!








Since then I’ve been hooked and have tried this fabulous fruit many ways.

However, on my juicy journey, I have discovered that watermelon has many more benefits hidden under its’ green cloak – literally!

Anything up to 95% mineral- rich, the cleansing and cooling effect of melon is unsurpassed in the fruit world.  Cantaloupe and watermelon come top in the most nutritious fruit .

What’s surprising is that most of the identified nutrients are to be found in the rind of the melon.  In fact, a reported 95% of all the nutrients in any melon are found in some part of the rind and this is why juicing them is sooo fantastic! Their tremendous root systems reach so deep into the soil that they are able to withdraw massively from natures’ mineral bank account, which, once eaten, helps to top up our body’s life account very nicely.

Rich in potassium and zinc, watermelons are superb kidney cleaners and skin purifiers.

So, if you have a juicer, try whizzing some through, along with some lime, ginger, grapefruit and celery and you’ll have the perfect summer refreshment system!

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