“When I first thought about the 7 day drench I was highly doubtful that I would be able to do it.  Jane was very encouraging and kept in constant contact with me and kept me going.  The juices really tasted good and after the first day which was very hard for me I began to look forward to the juices.  I am still juicing twice a day and incorporate it into my daily life.  I also drink the juice as a snack when I need one instead of pretzels or other bad chooses.  It has changed my way of looking at food and the choices I make.”  SF – Springfield

“I attended your workshop at Vita on Thursday and it was great. You inspired me to dust off my juicer and put it on the counter. I made the green juice we tasted and the whole family enjoyed it! Even my picky, junk food 3yr old loved it! I couldn’t be happier.”  Nancy – Summit

“We just completed our 7 Day Juice Drench and we feel amazing! I was skeptical at first but I feel lighter and energized. My husband has lost both body fat and pounds! Jane was an informative and supportive coach throughout the week. We’d highly recommend Jane’s Juice to anyone looking for natural way to cleanse your body with the ability of incorporating these changes into your everyday lifestyle.”  – Megan

“I am truly inspired and excited to have met you at this moment in time!  Our kids are still young enough to get this amazing ritual knitted into their beings.  I have an 8 month old and will be giving him his serving too!   Thank you so much for sharing yourself and knowledge” JM – Summit

“Hi Jane, I bought your beet juice today at Vita and it was delicious!  I don’t usually love beets but it had the exact right about of beetiness. Thanks for making such wonderful juice.”  NR – Summit