Spare a Thought (and a juice reipce) For The Designated Driver

I wear many hats at this time of year, a different one for each of the different roles I take on in an attempt to get everything done – doesn’t everybody?

I go from wearing my beret at the shopping mall, the frustrated shopper trying to find the perfect gift for those special someones, to sporting a dandy fedora as I decorate my house with all the ornaments and trimmings.  My bowler hat comes out as I try to finish up my business bits and pieces before year end and then I switch to my beanie as I squeeze in a workout in between it all.  My Scottish tam o’shanter comes out when I get sentimental about being far away from my Mum and I miss sitting down with her and my Dad to share a mince pie and a cup of tea.

But the hat I most like to wear at this time of year is the peaked cap of the chauffer.  Me, the self promoted designated driver. It gives me pleasure to drive my husband and friends at this time of year, to parties or dinners, so that they can indulge in a few extra glasses of holiday spirit without worrying about the consequences of driving home.

The only downside of this particular job, the chauffer that is, is that the choice of drinks on offer can be somewhat limited, both at restaurants and parties.  There’s only so much diet soda you can drink – especially if you don’t drink diet soda!!!!!!! Believe me; sparkling water is great – when you’re thirsty!

So I would like to inspire you this week, to try and make some different offerings for the great, designated driver, without whom, the roads would be less safe for us all to travel on.

These drinks are bursting with good health, and although they taste simply the best with fresh juice, you can substitute the fresh juice with store bought squeezed juice on this occasion.  Make your designated driver feel special by making them a special juice, and you never know, you might enjoy it too!

Pineapple Fizz

Juice of half a pineapple

Juice of 2 oranges

4-6 ice cubes

Sparkling mineral water to top up

Florida Cocktail

3 carrots

½ grapefruit (peeled)

1 orange (peeled)

1 small handful fresh mint leaves

(If using a juicer to make the juice, push everything through except the mint leaves)

Serve in a pretty glass, over ice, with a sprig of mint to decorate


Strawberry Swing

4 oranges

2 handfuls strawberries

5-7 mint leaves

4-6 ice cubes

Sparkling mineral water to top up

Juice the oranges, and then puree the strawberries in a blender with just a couple of the mint leaves and the ice.  Stir the whole lot together in a big jug and garnish with the remaining mint leaves.

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