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I went for my first outside run or 2013 this week.  It was a gorgeous sunny day, yes, a bit chilly, but extremely exhilerating to be out in the fresh air, making the most of the great outdoors instead of being stuck in my studio.  My dog Kipper was less happy about it however.  I’m not the world’s fastest runner, and it always surprises me how much harder it is to run outside compared to on a treadmill.  Consequently, while I was huffing and puffing up South Orange Avenue, Kipper was barely breaking out of a walk!  As we finished our 4 mile loop I may have seen her panting briefly, but it could also have been her laughing at me!  However, I had a lovely time, felt inspired to get out of both my comfort zone and my studio more often!

Although it was cold outside, I was really hot when I returned home, and having been bundled up against the elements, I was “glowing” as my mother would say!  I was definitely ready for some juice and I knew just what to make and why.

When we exercise, we lose vital nutrients and body fluids through our sweat glands.  Sometimes these are called electrolytes, and that refers to the minerals that are in the sweat that we lose when we are either extremely hot, or when we work out hard, the main one of these is sodium.

One of the best sources of natural sodium is celery.  During hot, dry weather, one of the most soothing ways to combat dehydration is to drink a tumblerful of celery juice!  As well as replenishing the sodium, celery furnishes your system with potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Celery can also help to reduce acidity which as we all know can be a great thing for all our systems.

So clearly I was headed for some celery juice, but wanted to combine it into something supremely delicious at the same time.

So, I combined some celery with apple, cucumber and lemon.  Such a perfect combination for a Cool Green juice after a workout, or at anytime when you are in need of something thirst quenching and replenishing.  I even gave some to the dog, although I’m not quite sure she deserved it!!!!!

For those of you that are local readers, you will be able to come and try this juice at Vita Organic Foods, 320 Springfield Avenue in Summit NJ.  It is my Juice of The Month and I will be there every Wednesday from 10am until 2pm.  Of course I will still be offering Super Green Delight and Carrot Zinger.  This week March 6th I will be offering samples of Cool Green for you to try and a limited number of jars on sale.  So, go to your Hot Yoga class/Bar Method/Kickboxing Class/Gym/Dogrun and then come on by to pick up a jar of fresh delicious nutrient replenishment.  You’ll feel awesome!

Here’s the Recipe:

Cool Green Juice

4 apples

4 sticks celery

1 cucumber

1 lemon


Whizz it all through the juicer and enjoy.


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