Racoon Recovery Juice

I was all set to write a piece about Spring being here, and what a great time of year it is to think about spring cleaning, detoxing and generally getting back in shape, but as usual my inspiration came from somewhere entirely different this week, and I find myself  writing a piece about the benefits of juice for settling the nerves, read on, dear reader, read on……

So, we have had a striped tailed, four legged visitor at my house over the last few weeks, who has been leaving “evidence” of his visits on a low roof.  Indeed we have ourselves quite the raccoon latrine here at number 37.

It would seem raccoon poop is quite dodgy stuff, and has to be dealt with very carefully for fear of human infection with the bacteria Baylisascaris procyoni.  So, armed with the specified face mask, gloves and plastic bags, my brave husband cleared up the mess, whilst I investigated ways of deterring the raccoon from coming back.  Interestingly, the most potent raccoon deterrent is coyote or jackal pee.  That’s convenient isn’t it? I wonder if they sell it at the local store?!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, all seemed to be well, until late one night I was busy working in my study which overlooks the deck, leading to the roof where the aforementioned raccoon facilities were located.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of something moving in the darkness.  Startled I turned on one outside light to see something disappear into the shadows.  Perplexed I turned on the big flood lights and was shocked to see, not the cute RJ type critter from Over The Hedge, but an enormous, hulking beast of a critter determined to find bathroom relief on my deck!  I banged on the window in alarm to no avail, and eventually resorted to a saucepan and wooden spoon, imagine the scene from 1961 The Parent Trap where Blake is trying to scare away bears with two sticks and you’ll get a pretty good idea of how it was!

Well, you can imagine, I was pretty traumatised by the whole affair and had to make myself a juice to recover.  This is what I had and why:


Recovery Juice (Not just for getting over raccoon encounters!)


3 apples

2 oranges

1 lemon

½ head romaine lettuce


Thankfully lettuce has a high level of natural calming substances called lactones.  If you’re tense, anxious and irritable, then this is the one for you!






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