I was moved this week when I read an article written by my friends sister.  I wanted to use my blog this week to share it with you for two main reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to give some publicity to the rare condition of Neurofibromatosis as it is something that many of us know nothing about.  Briefly, it affects 1 in 3,000 children and causes tumors to grow anywhere in the body including the brain and spine and can cause a series of other significant health issues. They range from serious skeletal abnormalities, to endocrine issues, to difficult to treat cancers. Much is not understood. 

Tracy Wirtanen, the author of the blog I read, and my friend’s sister, is the mother of an eight year old boy, Sami, who is diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis.  You can read her blog here, where she wrote as a guest on Kriss Carr’s website and you can find out more information about Neurofibromatosis at the website of the foundation she created at

Secondly, in her article, Tracy talks about the changes she and her family have chosen to make with regard to their nutrition, both for Sami and the other members of her family.  She talks about the fact that Sami drinks green juice every day, and loves it, he even asks for it!  I bring this up, because it highlights something that can get forgotten when we talk about juicing. This stuff is really good for you, at a cellular level.   There is a real theraputic benefit in drinking vegetable and fruit juice.  Our bodies can use the nutrients provided by the juice to both prevent future tumour growth, and help the body deal heal itself. 

Yes, juice is a great vehicle to boost health and vitality, and help us to clean our systems when we have overindulged, but there is a more serious side to it’s benefits as well.  If incorporating it into your diet  will allow your body to battle cancer tumours, or give your body the tools it needs to prevent them developing in the first place, then what an incredible gift you can give to yourself, and your children every day!  The gift of good health!

For those of you with juicers, then try the following Green Juice recipe, packed full of antioxidants, chlorophyll and good health.

Green Delight





3 kale stalks

 1/4 pineapple (not peeled)

1 apple

 1/2 piece ginger (not peeled)

1 stick celery

1/2 lime (not peeled)

Pack the kale into the juicer chute, and put the apple on top, then whizz every thing through the juicer.  If you want to add some extra nutrients, then add a spoonful of spirulina to the juice and blend it with some ice.

Please do click on the link to both Tracy’s article and her foundations website, she is doing terrific work to educate us about this devastating disease.

If nothing else,  give Tracy, Sami and her family a thought or a prayer over the coming weeks, and if you are lucky enough, be thankful for you and your families good health.

 Happy Juicing,



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