Natural Juice Therapy


Natural Juice Therapy is about giving a body all the elements it needs to make itself well.  In our daily lives we subject our bodies to all sorts of internal and external toxins, from the food we eat, the fumes we breathe in, and the stressors we survive through.  This has an impact on the overall health and vitality of our bodies.  The feelings of slugishness, tiredness, nagging aches and pains that we sometimes experience can be indications that our systems are sufferring from a lack of something.  Juice therapy attempts to find out what that something might be and then floods the system with it in the form of juice, the most easily absorbable form of nutrition there is.  Juice Therapy has been successfully proven to help in cases where clients are sufferring from cancer, asthma, skin diseases, high blood pressure, IBS, anemia, migraine and more.

A Natural Juice Therapist is a qualified therapist who treats clients with a range of ailments using juicing as a natural holistic medicine. A Natural Juice Therapist does not diagnose or claim to cure, we simply present the information and scientific research to support our knowledge that juicing can be beneficial to virtually all known disease.  I am a qualified Natural Juice Therapist, having received my certification from the Complimentary Medical Association in the United Kingdom.

The body can repair itself of “dis-ease” if it has all the elements it needs.  By flooding the body with what it needs, it gives it the tools to return to a state of full and vibrant health.