Kiwi Fruit – King for a Month!

And this week, the honor of produce of the month goes to………………………the Kiwi fruit!

In recognition of the Chinese New Year, I have selected the Kiwi fruit, otherwise known, as the Chinese Gooseberry to highlight! I know it’s tenuous link, but hey, the Kiwi fruit is a bit of an unsung hero, and deserves a chance in the spotlight too!  It was either that or picking something along the Dragon theme as it’s the Year of the Dragon, and I don’t have so much experience juicing Dragon Fruit!

The Kiwi fruit originates, as the name suggests, from New Zealand.  In this little hairy brown package, nature has provided a food, a protector and a natural medicine.  They are packed with beta-carotene and contain twice as much vitamin C as oranges.  On the mineral front, they are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. This means that they are great for cleansing, energy giving and immune system boosting.

When it comes to juicing and smoothies they are simply a must.  Kiwi juice is very tasty – a combination of pineapple and strawberry in flavour, and because you don’t need to peel the fruit, it’s also super easy – no chopping, no peeling, just pop in the shoot and whizz.  If you’re using them in smoothies, then do take the outer skin off.  You can peel them, then freeze them and add them to smoothies – delish as a summer treat with some frozen strawberries, a banana and some lime juice!

Finally, back to the Chinese New Year, the Dragon symbolizes power, strength and good luck, – let’s hope that 2012 brings us all more than a little of that.

So, of course this weeks recipe is kiwi based, I hope you enjoy it!

Kiwi King

4 carrots

1 apple

2 kiwi fruits (choose quite firm ones)


(Kiwi juice can be quite thick in my experience, so if it’s too much so for your taste, then add an extra carrot!)


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