Juicer Rentals


One of the major benefits of preparing juice at home, is that you can drink it as soon as you make it, thus ensuring that there is no damage or oxidation of any of the nutrients in the juice. No matter how well a juice is packaged, you just can’t beat fresh, natural, organic juice, consumed within minutes of being made. However, the thought of buying another piece of kitchen hardware which might just sit on the counter and gather dust, can be a barrier.  So why not rent a juicer for a week, and try it out?

Juicer Rental                 $50
Breville Juice Fountain Elite
1 week Rental

Introductory Juice Session      $150
Usually a two hour session, with a full discussion as to the benefits of introducing juice into your lifestyle. Covers the benefits of the most common fruits and vegetables.
Recipes and produce supplied to make 2 healthful juice recipes
Full instruction as to how to use the juicer and Top Ten Tips to make your juicy experience great!

Rental of Juicer + Intro Session      $175