Juice Therapy to Ease the Pressure

Having written a few blog posts now, I wanted to go back to basics and talk about what Natural Juice Therapy really is, and how it can help some common complaints that get us down.

The basic theory is that when our bodies are lacking in some vitamin, mineral or enzyme, we become out of balance and suffer from “dis-ease” literally. This can manifest itself in all sorts of ways, perhaps with a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, maybe asthma, arthritis, stomach pains, acid reflux, high blood pressure. Sadly, the list is long.

Natural juice therapy seeks to re balance the body, by flooding our cells with the appropriate vitamins, minerals and enzymes in a form which the body can use almost instantly, without having to digest it and process it first. In this way, we hope to redress the internal balance, and give the body the tools it needs to heal itself. At times when our bodies are fighting disease, giving the digestive system a break, and allowing that energy to be used elsewhere, whilst at the same time providing total nutrition, can be just the thing a body needs to help in the process of recovery.

Of course, it’s important when considering using juice in a therapeutic way, to take the advice of your health care professional. You wouldn’t want to suddenly come off your high blood pressure medicine and go on a strict regime of spinach and beetroot juice! However, incorporating specific juices into your diet, in order to help with specific conditions can be incredibly effective in the search for great health and vitality.

So, this weeks juice is one which you might choose to make and enjoy if high blood pressure is indeed one of your issues. High blood pressure can be caused by the major blood vessels leading from the heart and lungs becoming furred up and constricted. The elasticity of the arterial walls is reduced, making the vessels very stiff. This increases the internal pressure of the blood flowing through the arteries and makes the blood pressure very high. The juice below contains spinach, carrots and beetroot all of which are known to be beneficial blood cleansers, clearing the blood of impurities which might otherwise be left behind to clog up the blood vessels. Apples contain pectin which is a soluble fibre and can help refine impurities from the blood stream and also help to clean the blood. Of course you need to have a sensible diet too, it’s no good downing this juice three times a day then going out, having a burger and fries and expecting to see your blood pressure come down!

Whatever you do, don’t change any of your medications, but try drinking this two or three times a day, for a week or so, and see if you feel any difference? The beautiful thing about juice, is that you can’t do yourself any harm at all. Only good. There aren’t many things that you can do to excess with no downside now are there?! Why not give it a try?

No Pressure
Spinach (a handful)
Carrots 3, unpeeled
Apple  1, unpeeled
Beetroot 1 medium, unpeeled with leaves

Put the spinach in the blender before turning it on, pack it down into the chute, then put the apple on top, and turn on the machine.  Whizz everything else through, and serve over ice.

Happy Juicing,

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