It’s a Dogs Life………………

My family and I moved from San Francisco to Maplewood five years ago this month.  It was a tough move on all of us, but very hard on my two children, then aged 9 and 4.  One of the “sells” that my husband and I bribed them with was that we would get a dog in our new home.  Sure enough, for their first Christmas present on the East Coast, they found a dog collar under the tree and the next day, Abby, a cute ball of golden retriever fluff became part of the family.

Abby is a great family dog and an enthusiastic juicer.  Honestly, I’m not kidding! 

Last year I began growing my own wheatgrass, so that I could juice it at home.  It was kind of phenomenal to watch it grow with such incredible vigor and strength.  (My poor husband had lawn envy of the wheatgrass on the kitchen window ledge, it was so lush!!)

So, every morning, I would harvest my wheatgrass and put it through the juicer. The dog would come trotting through to the kitchen at the sound of the juicer, to see what I was making.  If any pieces of grass fell, she would gobble them up.  It got me to thinking that of course, when dogs are sick, they eat grass, so maybe it wasn’t so crazy that she was enjoying a little early morning grazing at the foot of my juice machine.

But could we take it one step further? Would she drink wheatgrass juice and why would we want her to?  Well there is a wealth of information and research about the health benefits of wheatgrass juice, how it is crammed full of live enzymes, nutrients and minerals.  It is considered a top notch cleanser, builder, healer, protector and rejuvenator of health. At that time Abby the dog had very bad skin allergies and I wondered whether the wheatgrass juice might help.

Needless to say, Abby lapped it all up from her bowl with relish (she’s a Juice Therapists dog after all!!) even the green frothy mustache she was left with didn’t last long.  So it was, that every day I made wheatgrass juice, Abby would be at my side, waiting eagerly for her “shot”.  It’s hard to say if the wheatgrass juice improved Abby’s condition.  She certainly perked up while she was taking it, had more energy, and her skin condition has improved significantly over the last year, but she also has a great vet who she sees regularly who helps keep things under control with a more traditional approach!

Today is Abby’s birthday.  My children chose to buy her dog treats and chew toys.  I went to Whole Foods and bought a box of wheatgrass to juice!

Happy Juicing


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