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After a long pause, I’m getting back on the blogging wagon.  You probably hadn’t noticed I had gone, but I haven’t written for quite a while.  I had planned to take August off as a vacation, which I have to say was lovely.  But somehow, September came and went in a blur of back to school golden-ness, October was a flurry of birthdays and hurricanes and now here we are with Thanksgiving just over a week away!

Like lots of things, writing this blog seems hard to start doing again after a hiatus.  The energy required to get something going is much more than is needed to keep it in motion once started.  My daughter is studying physics and tells me that this is one of the fundamental laws of the universe, well I can tell you it applies to juicing, working out, eating healthily and blogging! That being said, you can’t put it off forever, if it’s important to you, then at some point you have to put one foot in front of the other, you have to turn your juicer on, you have to get your fingers on the keyboard.

So, this is the week.

If you have fallen off the juicing wagon, especially with everything that has been going on inclemently here. If you have allowed yourself to stay in and watch the election debates and read the papers rather than get out there for a run, or a walk.  If you have allowed yourself that extra serving of dessert, or more likely, finished off the Halloween candy rather than toss it in the garbage where it belongs, then this week is your week.

This is the week to climb back on.  Get out your juicer and make a commitment to have at least one juice every day.  Get out your sneakers and make a commitment to go for a walk or a run for 30 minutes every day.  Throw out the Halloween candy (oh wait, you ate it all!!) well do it metaphorically and fill the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Make this the week to kick the inertia and get going again.  Let’s do it!


To help you on your way, here’s an easy, energizing juice, which doesn’t take a lot of prep so there should be no excuse to making it every day this week:


Get Going Juice

5 carrots

1 apple

1 handful spinach

1 stick celery

¼ lemon (not peeled)

½” piece of ginger (not peeled)


Pack the spinach in the juicing chute before turning on the juicer, then pop the apple on top and turn the juicer on.  Push all the other ingredients through.

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