Doing More of What You LIke

I am reading an interesting book this week. One of the chapters is about doing more of what we like and less of what we don’t like. By doing this the hope is that we become happier and more satisfied people. It makes sense to me. If I spend all day sitting at my computer writing plans, paying bills, catching up on correspondence, then I end my day somewhat frustrated and fatigued. If, on the other hand, I am training with clients, inspiring potential juicers, working on juice recipes, giving juice workshops, I find that I end my day feeling satisfied, full of energy and eager to do the same thing tomorrow.

The same principle can be applied in the area of juicing and exercise. Whilst it is good to mix things up and try new things, sometimes doing more of what you like is a great way to move forward. If you like walking but hate running, then go for a long walk somewhere that you really love, perhaps adding a few more minutes to your walk. If you love lifting weights, but feel bad that you’re not doing cardio, add some extra sets to your free weight routine, or lift a little heavier weight. Perhaps you can include some circuit type activity to your weight lifting routine, incorporating jumping jacks, or jump rope between sets, thus achieving your cardio goal without slogging away doing something you don’t enjoy.

You are more likely to continue with an exercise program if you enjoy what you’re doing, than if you are simply pounding away because you feel you have to. There are a million ways to exercise, find one that works for you and do more of it!!

The same applies to juice. I was talking with someone the other day who was describing her morning routine of making a “green smoothie.” She said that she only did it because she knew it was good for her, but that she dreaded drinking it because it tasted gross, and she had to “hold her nose to get it down!” What a way to start your day!!!!!

Imagine instead, finding a juice combination that you LOVE, with your favorite fruits and vegetables, and knowing that you will enjoy a fresh glass of it every day! Feeling inspired to make something that you know your taste buds are going to relish and that your body is going to thank you for, will give you a much happier and fulfilling start to your day, than forcing something down because you think it’s good for you.

So, if my book is right and you’re doing something you love for exercise, and drinking something you love for health, you should be on cloud nine for the whole week, as well as being healthy, inside and out!!!!!

Try this happy combination which I start my day with many mornings of the week.

Happy Juicing,

Orange Eye Opener

3 carrots
1 grapefruit
½ inch ginger

As well as tasting delicious, this orange beauty will give you a good kick of vitamin C, boosting your immune system, and the ginger, as natures best “anti-everything” will help decongest, and fight any bugs which might be lurking within your system. Of course, I have this juice at any time of day, not just in the morning.


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