Camping and Juicing………….

I’ve just returned from a week camping in beautiful Narragansett, Rhode Island. My husband was competing in the Providence Ironman 70.3 which took place on Sunday July 10th. My family and I love camping, and always manage to fit in a trip or two at some point throughout the summer. I’m always faced with the dilemma of what to do about my juicing though. Should I take my juicer along, and plug it into the outlet in the restroom area in the same way that half the campsite plugs in their iphones and computers? Is there a way of powering it up through the car outlet, in the same way that my children avidly charge up the batteries on their ipods? Has someone come up with a clever way to make a solar powered juicer???? It seems not, and so, I sadly left my juicer at home, and decided to do the best I could with what Narragansett had to offer in the juice department.

We left Friday, and so I stocked up with a massive green juice before we left, and took a flask with me for the journey. Our first night under the stars proved that some tents are more waterproof than others, and after several hours of torrential rain, our tent was left seriously lacking. The only upside was that Mark got in some extra swim practise for his race!! Under normal circumstances I would have been reaching for my juicer first thing to give myself some extra ping for the morning, but that wasn’t an option.

The next night saw us up at 3am in order to drive the hour away to the start of the race. My children are great supporters of their Dad, but this challenged even their enthusiasm! However, we got into the spirit of things and had a good day cheering on the amazing athletes who challenge themselves to their limits. I must admit that by this point I too was feeling quite challenged, and really was missing my juice!

You would think we would get a good nights sleep, that we’d kind of deserved a break by this point, but no, mother nature was really out to show us who was boss on this trip. In anticipation of the weather forecast, we covered the tent in plastic sheeting tied down by string. Just as well. At 3am the heavens opened, and we were under the most vicious thunderstorm I have ever witnessed. The plastic sheeting held up, the tent remained relatively dry, but we were terrified that we were about to get struck down by lightning at any point – and Archie, my son, slept through the whole thing!

Monday morning dawned bright and clear, but by this time I was having quite a large sense of humour failure and was suffering from quite serious juice withdrawal symptoms! A detox in reverse!  The remainder of our trip passed relatively uneventfully, just the usual sprinkling of crazy campers, insect bites, earwigs, and frozen squid for fish bait leaking in the back of the car. You can only imagine my joy as we pulled into our drive last night after a long drive home.

With relish I pulled out my juicer and made my favourite go to juice. A green delight of apples, kale, romaine lettuce, lemon, spirulina and wheatgrass, all blended with ice.  Fantastic.

This camping trip gave me the break from my routine which showed me how much I really value my juicy lifestyle and the benefits that it gives me. I think perhaps I had become a little complacent about it, like we do about so many things. It’s so easy to take things for granted when it becomes part of our everyday wallpaper.

This morning I feel like a new woman. I am marvelling at how lucky we are to have a microwave, a cooker, clean bedding, no bugs, a roof that doesn’t leak and most importantly a juicer!!!

Below is my go to Green Juice, give it a try – I’m going to be drinking it all day!!

Green Juice

1 head romaine lettuce
1 big handful kale
2 apples
1/2 lemon
1 tsp spirulina
1 tsp wheatgrass

Juice the first four ingredients, then add the spriulina and wheatgrass powders along with a handful of ice and whizz with a hand blender.

Happy juicing,

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