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Recovery comes in many forms. It can be physical, from an accident or injury. It can be emotional, from something as small as a hurtful slight to something big, recovering from the death of a loved relative or friend. Both physical and emotional recovery require us to take care of ourselves and to make sure our bodies are getting the right nutrition they need to heal themselves, as well as time of course, which is really the best healer of all.

These past few weeks the Jones family had a few physical recoveries to deal with, especially in the knees department! Dear Archie had a collision involving a tree and his knee, whilst enjoying some after dark sledding (not the best parenting decision there Jane!), Kipper the dog paid the price of too much chipmunk chasing last fall, and had to have surgery to stabilize her knee following a tear of her cruciate ligament.

Thankfully both Archie and Kipper are good patients and have rested, done as their respective doctors have told them and are well on the road to recovery.

Part of that recovery has been to have a daily dose of good old juice – yes even Kipper! They both know better than to argue with me, and in fact, it has not been a hardship to get either of them to drink it down. The ingredients have been chosen to boost their immune systems, help with inflammation and build their bones, as well as tasting delicious of course!

Hopefully this juice boost will aid their recovery and they will both be bouncing around again before too long. Archie between the posts of the goal on the soccer pitch, and Kipper training for the chipmunk chasing Olympics!

Ginger, Pineapple and Beets form the basis of this juice, with the ginger playing a key role in any post surgery or recovery juice because of it’s great all round healing qualities. Pineapple, as is well documented, contains bromelain that is a fabulous anti-inflammatory enzyme which can help both pre and post surgery. Beets help cleanse the blood which is helpful when you’ve been taking lots of pain medication. It helps to remove impurities from the circulation system and build up the blood to help it carry all these great nutrients and let them get to work! I add a couple of carrots and some celery sticks too, for good measure.

It really is a delicious juice, so give it a whirl, even if you don’t have a sore knee!

Recovery Juice


Carrots  7

Celery 1

Beet 1

Pineapple 1″ slice

Lime 1/4

Make sure to wash all the ingredients, but don’t peel any of them.  Whizz them through the juicer and enjoy!

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The Balance of Fruits and Vegetables

Remember that theme from the beginning of the year? It’s all about Balance? Well here I am keeping balanced in February and talking about the balance of fruits and vegetables in your juice – it’s something which comes up regularly, both with clients and in the press, so I thought it might be useful to give some guidelines which might be helpful.


One of the big benefits of juicing is being able to access nutrients from a greater quantity of produce than we could possibly eat. This is particularly true when it comes to juicing vegetables. You can use 8 carrots to get one glass of carrot juice, and all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes those carrots contain. Imagine trying to eat those 8 carrots? It would take a long time, and a pretty tough jaw to get through it! You can use 1 head of romaine lettuce in one glass of Green Delight, and your body can very quickly use the nutrition from the lettuce, but eating and digesting it takes far longer. You get the point. It’s much easier to eat a greater quantity of fruit, who doesn’t want to enjoy a crisp juicy apple, or a delicious slice of sweet pineapple? A bunch of broccoli, not so much.

But, believe me, drinking just vegetable juice is hard work. A combination of kale, parsley, spinach, cucumber, and romaine is not delicious to drink. I know people who make this and then hold their noses to get it down. Some vegetables have a greater amount of natural sugar in them, like carrots and beets for example and they can be combined with other vegetables to help make them easier to drink. But on the whole, straight veggie juice is a taste challenge but with a little tweaking it can turn into something fantastic.

My view is that life is short. If I’m going to use my time to create something with only fresh, organic, produce in it, then I want it to look and taste delicious. I want to enjoy every luscious mouthful and then crave the next glassful. Apples, pineapples, oranges, grapefruits, pears all offer fantastic nutritional benefits that can be healthfully incorporated into vegetable juice to give a combination that is bursting with both vitality and flavor. When used in moderation, they can enhance the nutritional quality of the juice and make it more palatable at the same time.  A good ratio to aim for is 5:1  1 portion of fruit for every 5 portions of vegetable.

Take the example I used before. Kale, parsley, spinach, cucumber and romaine by itself, quite hard to get down, but add an apple and a pear along with a slice of lime and you have quite a different drink on your hands. Yes it has sugar in it, but it is natural sugar, quite a different beast to the white refined sugar that is nutritionally bereft, and quite different to the artificial sweeteners which are found in so many processed products.

So the main message of this blog is, juice your vegetables as a priority and eat your fruit. But when juicing the vegetables, be sure to add enough fruits to make a drink that you will want to get up for. If you enjoy your juice you will want to make more of it and if you make more of it then you will be getting the real benefit of juicing – flooding your system with live, organic nutrients to help you live a full, vital and balanced life!

(I do just want to add, that there is nothing wrong with making a glass of fresh fruit juice from time to time either.  I still dream of the day last summer when we had a glut of peaches and I made fresh peach juice, honestly there is nothing like it, heaven! But of course it does have a high fruit sugar content and that is something to keep in mind

This is a good example of where the addition of oranges makes all the difference to the flavor of this juice.  Beets are well known now for their blood cleansing and toning properties. They are rich in carotenoids too and also contain vitamin C and manganese, helping brain function, bones and sugar metabolism.  Their distinctive earthy flavor can put some people off, but this combination is sure to please!

Try to drink this juice regularly for the good health of your blood!


Balanced Beets

2 beets

(washed and greens removed, you can use beet greens but not in this recipe)

2 carrots

1 orange

1 stick celery

1/2 inch ginger

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The Eyes Have It – Or Do They?


I have worn glasses since I was in my teens. I graduated to contact lenses before I got married and have worn them ever since.   My vision prescription has remained pretty stable over the years and I guess I had anticipated that would continue.

As friends around me began to complain of difficulty reading the small print on labels or in newspapers, I had no problem helping them out deciphering the small stuff.

It certainly came in handy when out for dinner with Mr Jones who it seemed was suffering from the same decline in ocular clarity as my friends. On occasion when he forgot his reading glasses, it was good I was able to help read the menu to avoid ordering disasters, especially when we were at the vegetarian Korean restaurant, one wrong order there and who knows what he might have ended up with?!

So, I must admit that it was something of a shock when towards the end of last year I was dealing with a computer issue and needed to supply the serial number of my computer to the helpful technician on the end of the phone. The number was helpfully printed in size 0.03 font on the back of my computer. I blinked and blinked and tried to force those little squiggles to get into focus. I knew there were letters and numbers begging to be read, but I just couldn’t make my eyes make sense of what was in front of me! I moved the computer to the light by the window, but it was just impossible to read them. Thinking this was an isolated incident I did nothing about it, but as the weeks progressed I found myself continuing to be challenged in the small print department, and had to face the reality that the time had come to visit the optician again. Getting a new prescription would be cheaper than buying the amount of anti wrinkle cream I would need as I scrunched up my face in frustration trying to read the teeny weeny words that now seemed to be everywhere!

Thankfully we have a great local optician in town so I have been able to get a new prescription very quickly.

Sadly, I have not been able to find a juice that is able to prevent presbyopia (the technical name for our diminished ability to focus on near objects as we age over 40), but I have found plenty of evidence of juices that will ensure that our eyes remain healthy and bright albeit behind our reading glasses!!!







Carrots are well known for their high levels of beta-carotene and other essential carotenoids. The old wives tale that carrots help you see in the dark is true. Beta-carotene is essential for proper night vision, and other carotenoids such as lutein and xeaxanthine in spinach and kale are also helpful for long-term eye health and protection

Try to drink this juice regularly not just for the health of your eyes!

Eye Bright

4 carrots

2 leaves kale

1 handful spinach

1 small handful parsley

2 apples

¼ lemon


Load up the juicer with the greens before you turn it on, pushing them down hard into the chute. Put one of the apples on top and turn the juicer on. Slowly push the produce through, maximizing the yield of green juice. Then push through the carrots and the remaining ingredients.

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For the past few years, rather than making New Years resolutions, I have come up with a word or theme that I use to try and guide me through the year. Some have been more successful than others. The year of the “party” was great, the year where the theme was “safe” was a little dull (but there were fewer trips to ER than in the previous year!!). However, I do find that having a theme does act as a kind of anchor and influences decisions and choices I make throughout the year.

This year, my word is Balance. Not something I find easy to do, either physically (working hard on my handstands!) or mentally. I tend to have an all or nothing approach to things which can be great when it comes to achieving certain goals, but this level of intensity can often be at the expense of other things I want to do.

In chatting through my theme with a couple of people, it turns out this is something lots of us struggle with. What a relief to find out that I’m not the only mother on the block who on discovering their family enjoyed that barley and mushroom salad I made on a whim, then proceeds to make it every other day for 3 weeks, only to discover that nobody really wants it anymore!

How awesome that I’m not the only one who stresses out about how to fit everything I want to do into the 24 hours that I’ve being given. You would think that by this stage in the game, I would know how much I can squeeze into that time frame, I’ve had over 17,000 of them to practice with! Yet still I struggle to balance work, home, kids, family, the usual things.

But this year, 2015, I’m going to really try!

Because this is a juicing blog, I want to apply the theme of Balance to a lifestyle which incorporates juicing. Juicing is one of the most efficient ways to ingest vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our bodies sorely need. It’s both quick and easy to make and quick and easy to digest. One of the biggest benefits of juicing comes from consuming it every day. That’s how your body builds up reserves of the nutrients it needs. By balancing juicing with a healthy lifestyle it can really benefit your overall health. Boosting antioxidant levels, increasing everyday energy, and reducing those feelings of lethargy. I believe there is a place for juice cleanses and detoxes and I offer that as part of my services, but I think the real magic and benefit of juicing comes from having at least one glass of fresh delicious juice every single day.

Of course no Jane’s Juice blog is complete without a recipe, and this week is no exception. Here is a great juice which is well balanced in terms of it’s nutritional content, its flavor and it’s vegetable to fruit ratio.

Try it! If you have a juicer try to make it every day this week as part of your overall balanced healthy lifestyle and see if you feel different.

Me? I’m off to practice my handstands!

Balancing Juice

2 apples

1 pear

1/2 cucumber

1 big handful spinach

4 stalks dinosaur kale

2 sticks celery

1/4 lime (not peeled)

1/2″ piece ginger

As with all leafy greens, with the juicer off, push the greens down hard into the chute and pop an apple on top, then turn the juicer on and gently push everything through.  You don’t need to turn it off in between putting items in, just keep putting them in the chute and push them down.



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Jingle Juice

Some days just work out.

The snow falls and looks pretty, but doesn’t stick to the roads so you can get out to do all your errands without freaking out about skidding down the very steep hill that you live at the top of.

The shopping mall opens half an hour earlier than you thought, so instead of having to wait in your car as planned, you can whizz round the empty shops getting all those bits and bobs that have been on your list for weeks now.

The child who has been working super hard, staying up long hours and working her socks off, finally has a good day and sees some payback from all her hard work.

The steam from the shower cleverly disguises you from the workmen who unexpectedly showed up to clean the gutters outside your bathroom window and thankfully prevented what could have been the material for an exceptional holiday party story.

But best of all, the fridge reveals a bag of cranberries that you meant to use to make some cranberry sauce but never got round to.

Yippee. That good day just got better!








Cranberries make a delicious addition to lots of juices and are little powerhouses of tart goodness which we tend to only use with loads of sugar and perhaps some oranges as part of the annual thanksgiving feast. But there’s a lot more to cranberries than that. It’s pretty well documented that cranberries are useful in treating urinary tract and bladder infections, but they are also high in vitamins A and C, (which makes them great for boosting the immune system at this time of year) and also are a good source of iodine and calcium. You can buy cranberries fresh in many stores at this time of year, and just pop in them in the freezer so that you can enjoy them all year round. They are a good addition to the juicing pharmacy.


Here is a festive juice to enjoy on a good day, or any other kind of day actually. In the spirit of the season I’m calling it Jingle Juice and I hope you love it.

Happy Holidays!


Jingle Juice

2 oranges

1 apple

3 carrots

1 stick celery

1” ginger root

1 handful cranberries

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Get Going Again Green Juice

When you’ve taken a break from something for a while, for whatever reason,  it’s hard to get going again, even if you really want to. Sometimes you just need to take the first step, do your best and with a little hope and faith the rest will follow.

So, after a tricky year, Jane’s Juice is taking the first step by beginning this blog again, I’ll do my best to give you the latest juicing ideas, tasty juice recipes and handy hints to help you incorporate juicing into your lifestyle at home for you and your family to maximise good health.

With a little hope and faith you’ll read it and be inspired to get your juicer out from the cupboard and onto the counter and get juicing again too!  Remember how great you felt when you were juicing? Clear headed, lighter, more energy for starters.  Now’s the perfect time to start juicing again, building up your immune system as we head into winter and the dreaded cold and flu season.  Don’t wait until the New Year, start tomorrow!

When you’re getting going again with juicing, keeping things simple is very helpful. Minimize the ingredients, and make sure you always have them in your fridge.  Make a commitment to yourself to do the best you can, whether that is juicing once a week, once a day, or however often is manageable for you.  But make a plan, and stick to it.

This is my favourite get going again juice.  I come back to it time and again because it’s delicious, it makes me feel great and it’s easy to make.

Give it a go and make a deal with yourself.  Between now and the holidays try to juice at least once a day and see how fantastic you feel!

“Get Going Again Green” Juice







1 head romaine lettuce

1/2″ slice of pineapple (not peeled)

1 large handful of spinach

2 sticks celery

2 apples

1/4 of a lime (not peeled)

1/2″ piece of ginger

Before you turn the juicer on, push the spinach down into the chute.  Then place an apple on top.  Turn the juicer on and then whizz all the ingredients through.  You can serve this juice over ice which makes it even more refreshing.

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Irongirl Juice!








On Sunday I had the honor of going to support my daughter, Maddy, doing her first triathlon. (A combination of swimming, biking and running)  It was a sprint distance , women only triathlon, sponsored by Irongirl at Sandy Hook.  Maddy is a veteran supporter of triathlon, having cheered her father over nearly 36 finish lines during his endeavors as a triathlete over the years.  Over the Summer she decided the time had come for her to switch sides and so she trained from a fitness level of sub zero (!) to race ready in just 5 weeks.  It was time for her to see the sport of triathlon from a different perspective – and by the same token, time for father to switch sides too!

I love the sport of spectating.  Having participated in a few triathlons myself over the years, I am lucky that I feel no compunction whatsoever to do another one. Ever.  So I’m never resentful of being the one on the sidelines.  I am actually extremely grateful, often, that it’s not me that has to head into the chilly ocean at 5am in the morning! I love watching the participants gear themselves up for their big day, I love making signs with the kids to cheer their Dad on, working out the best spectating spots for the event, how to get from the swim finish to the “bike out”  in the quickest time possible, positioning someone at the “bike in” and the “run out” to make sure all bases are covered to ensure maximum cheerage!  It’s quite an art!

Maddy was of course super excited for her race.  She trained really hard, and was ready to give it her best shot.  We all woke at 4am and were in the car by 4.30am.  Archie was thrilled. (Not!)

So I have set the scene I think, that I’ve been to a lot of triathlon events over the years and that I was pretty sure of what to expect on Sunday morning at the Jersey Shore. Usually when you turn up to transition, (the place where racers move from one activity to the next) athletes are very stressed out.  Dare I say grumpy sometimes.  They are extremely focused on getting to their place, getting their gear set up exactly right, making sure their gismos and gadgets are all working correctly and really focusing on their own performance in the hours that lie ahead.  There is a palpable tension in the air which is exciting to be part of but it’s not a group thing, it’s a “lots of individuals” kind of thing.  There’s not much laughing, everyone is serious and focused.   (Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for these athletes and I am merely observing the behaviors I usually see on race morning and comparing them to those I saw on Sunday)

Sunday morning presented an entirely different picture which was amazing and overwhelming to me.  Instead of a palpable tension in the air there was an incredible feeling of camaraderie.  Women from age 14 through 79 were gathering in the dark and immediately there was a sense of community among them.  Athletes were laughing, hugging, kissing and helping each other.  Getting organized in the transition area before the race was an opportunity to greet fellow trainees and offer words of encouragement and support, not eye up the competition. My husband remarked on how much fun they seemed to be having and was surprised at the feelings of genuine warmth that surrounded everyone.

As the race began, supporters really became spectators watching a big community of women, drawn together by a common goal of achieving their dream of doing a triathlon.  Whether they wanted to just finish the race to prove they could, whether they wanted to beat their personal best, set a new course record, or simply to achieve a goal set at a time when a goal was the only positive inspiration they had to keep them going.  Perhaps at a time when life was so tough they needed something to help them get out of bed every day.  Whatever the reason, these women bonded together on the course, helped each other along, supported each other through the swim, stopped to help those with difficulties on the bike, ran to the finish line hand in hand, lines of women, hands held high, triumphant in their success, and their celebration.  Together all the way!

That was the inspiration for me on Sunday.  Yes, all these woman swam, biked and ran, some fast, some slow.  But more importantly they did it together in a way that I have never witnessed at a sporting event.  They were all thrilled for each other and wanted to celebrate each other.

Today I was so proud of my daughter, and so proud to be a woman!

In honor of these amazing athletes the juice of the week is Irongirl Juice, with the key ingredient of spinach of course for that iron content.  But you will also find a good dose of courage, hope, love and laughter in there too, which altogether make it a juice well worth trying!

Irongirl Juice

4 carrots

1 handful spinach

1 beet

1 apple

1 pear

Push the spinach into the juicer chute before turning the juicer on, pack it down hard and put an apple on top.  Turn on the juicer and push the apple through slowly.  Then follow with the other ingredients.

Enjoy over ice.



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Parsley the King of the Herb Garden



As a child I don’t remember watching a huge amount of TV.  However, one of my favorite shows on the BBC was called The Herb Garden.  As a little girl I would settle down with my Mum and watch this gentle program centered around life in The Herb Garden with characters such as Parsley the Lion,  Dill the dog, Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary and a wise old owl, obviously called Sage.  At the beginning of each episode the eager young audience was invited to go through the wooden door to the garden, by using the magic word “Herbidacious” and enjoy fifteen minutes of herby fun and games.


I could go on and on about how brilliant this show was believe me, but the purpose of my little ditty this week is to highlight the herb parsley and how beneficial it can be for your health, particularly when it is thrown into your daily juice!  The link with the TV show is spurious to say the least I know, but it is kind of interesting that Parsley was given the lead role in the show, perhaps because parsley is such an important herb. (It has also allowed me to spend a happy half hour skipping down memory lane on Youtube!)


Parsley truly is an overlooked tool in the culinary world.  Often tossed absentmindedly on a plate as an after thought to fancy up a plain dish of fish or pasta, this little herb is a powerhouse of greenness and can more often than not nutritionally surpass the dish upon which it is placed.


Norman Walker, one of the pioneers of juicing refers to parsley as being one of the most potent of juices.  You have to be careful and not to use too much parsley juice in your blends, or drink it by itself.  But, if it is mixed with carrot, celery or other green juices, it can be very beneficial.  Parsley is a source of natural beta-carotene, chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, folic acid, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin K and vitamin C. While you can get these benefits by adding parsley to salads or sandwiches, juicing parsley allows you to consume more concentrated amounts then would normally be possible when eating it whole.  It is great as a cleanser, detoxifier, for building the immune system and as a breath freshener.


If you have a centrifugal juicer, then parsley should be treated like any leafy green and packed down tightly into the juicer before you turn it on – I usually tuck mine into some kale or spinach to make sure I get the most yield from it.  You want to use a small bunch and you can add it almost any juice, but I think it works well when added to a simple carrot and apple juice:

King of The Herb Garden

4 carrots

2 apples

1 stick celery

½ a lime (not peeled)

Handful of parsley

Try it and see what a difference it will make!

(Of course for those of you who remember it and want a trip down memory lane, here is a link to an episode of The Herb Garden and for those of you haven’t seen it before, this is the kind of thing children in England grew up on – say no more!)

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When Life Gives you Lemons








Lemons are awesome.  They are little yellow powerhouses, packed with all sorts of great things to keep you fit and healthy.

Lemons play an important role in juicing and of course can teach us a thing or two about life.

The old phrase “When life gives you lemons………………..make lemonade” was never more true for Jane’s Juice this week.

The lemons in my week came from the news that Jane’s Juice will no longer be available at Vita Organic Foods.  After some discussions, sadly it became clear that the arrangment which has worked so well for the last three months would not work well for the long term, so we have agreed to part ways.

I have loved being at Vita every week, and enjoyed meeting so many truly amazing people.  I think I have inspired some of you to get your juicers out and make your own juice, and have persuaded others that Green Juice can really taste great!!!!!  We had some fabulous tastings, some informative workshops and most importantly some great juice.  I will miss being at Vita very much.

However, thanks to inspiration from the humble lemon, I intend to take this lemony news and turn it into some fresh delicious organic lemonade! I’m not quite sure how it will all work out yet, but I do know that I have a great recipe (see below) and the support of some great people.

Jane’s Juice is of course still offering Juice Drenches, Juice Feasts,Home DeliveriesWorkshops, Juice PartiesJuicer Rentals and always an open door to answer all your juice related questions.

Pick Me Up Lemonade

1/2″ grated ginger root

2 teaspoons honey

juice of 3 lemons

4-6 ice cubes

sparkling mineral water to top up


Juice the lemons complete with peel.  Put the honey and ginger in a cup full of boiling water and stir to dissolve the honey.  Pour the mixture in a large jug and add the lemon juice and sparkling water to taste.  Use more lemon juice if you prefer a stronger flavor and add more honey to sweeten as necessary.  You could also use agave syrup to sweeten.

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A Sign Of Spring………

I really have had enough of this Winter.







As some of you know, I really don’t love the snow.  Nice to see big fat fluffy snowflakes falling; pretty as a picture to look at from the warmth and safety of my kitchen; I don’t mind shoveling it to be honest, it’s quite satisfying in a weird sort of way; I even like playing in it, and can throw a mean snowball with the best of them; but driving in it? No thank you.  No Siree, No Way.  It’s just my is my achilles heel.

It doesn’t matter how much or little there is, just the thought of getting in my car and driving up my steep driveway and then down the steep hill which I live at the top of, sends my little heart racing with palpitations of fear.

It hasn’t even been that bad a Winter for us, but somehow these last two snow events have left me shaken rather than stirred.

Last night was the final straw.  My weather sources (and believe me, I have many!) told me that the serious snow wasn’t coming until later on in the evening, so I wasn’t worried that I had to get my daughter to rehearsal by 7pm.  However, as I sat in my kitchen watching the earlier referred to big fat fluffy flakes falling, I began to get nervous.  I had no choice but to get in my very weather capable, four wheel drive Landrover and brave the elements.  Yes, there was less than an inch at this point, but it was a very slippery, slidey inch!  All went well, basically because I was driving slow enough to be overtaken by two fast moving snails, and I made it down all the hills and back up them all again.  I turned into our driveway and had a brief conversation with myself about whether to park at the top and clear the drive, or risk it and head down.

So much against my better judgment, but feeling giddy with the excitement of having arrived home safely, I made the wrong choice, and took my foot off the brake.

As the car gathered momentum I slammed my foot on the brake and yes, the car began to skid and slide down the steep incline.  With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I pressed the brake harder and in a moment of bravery pulled on the handbrake too!!!  (Bear in mind that I was doing all of 0.5 mph at this point!)  Thankfully the car came to a stop inches from the first of many pine trees which line my driveway without hitting anything.  I slowly took my shaking foot off the brake and crept out of the car, tiptoeing quietly away through the snow back to the safety of my kitchen.  Several hot strong cups of tea later, I went back out and cleared the driveway and waited patiently for my dear long suffering husband to come home and rescue me!

So, when I awoke this morning and saw freezing rain and snow falling from the sky, I decided I had just had enough.  I made myself a fresh, bright juice to inspire me that Spring is really and truly around the corner.  It was the color of golden crocuses, or pale daffodils, and tasted of the freshness and sweetness of Spring.






I closed my eyes to the cold white landscape outside my window, turned up the heat, and dreamed of the warm sunny days not far away.  Why don’t you try it and see if it helps?!

Spring Sipper

2 Oranges

1/2 long cucumber

2 Carrots

1 stick Celery

Peel the oranges, and then put everything through the juicer.  You’ll get a frothy, light, refreshing juice which will also give you Beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and sulphur!!!




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