Anti Jet Lag Juice

Oh I’m a very lucky girl this week.  I’m getting an exeat for the weekend.  A mini vacation; a few days off; some time alone with my Mum and Dad!

Yes indeed, a power weekend in the Highlands of Scotland beckons for me.  When I say power weekend, you must understand what I mean.  Power tea drinking, power gossiping, power celebrating (a big birthday for my Mum) and power relaxing!

That’s a lot or powering to fit into a few days and I will need to be on sparkling form to make the most of it.

I will be leaving the younger members of the Jones family in the capable hands of their father, whilst I jet across the pond.  They are all set, with lists and instructions coming out of their ears, a freezer stocked full of soup, and a fridge full of produce to juice.  I am sure however, that they will take advantage of the local hostelries to satisfy their needs while I’m away and I will come back to a well stocked freezer and fridge! I suspect that my juicer will also get a well earned rest while I’m gone and that’s okay too, everyone needs a change.

However, I am determined to be on top form while I’m away, and have been juicing like crazy this week, to make sure my body is bursting with vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help me deal with the jet lag of such a short trip.  On previous visits, I have found that this is an excellent strategy to deal with jet lag.  I try not to eat too much on the plane (not hard when you look at what tends to get served up!!) and then juice when I get to the other end.  I’m lucky because most of my family members in the UK have juicers (hmm, I wonder why?!) so that’s not hard for me.

This week’s juice then is one that I’ll be drinking both before I leave and when I land.  It has a stimulating effect and a rejuvenating action on the glands. Thankfully it also tastes fantastic!!

So, if you have travel plans over the coming weeks, give this one a shot, you’ll be glad you did, and Mum – get that juicer cranked up!!!!!!!!!

Jet Lag Juice

1 grapefruit

½ medium pineapple

4 fresh mint leaves

½” piece of ginger

Peel the grapefruit and push half of it through the juicer first.  Wrap the ginger in the mint leaves when you put them through, and finish with the pineapple (not peeled) and the last bit of grapefruit.  (the reason for this is that the pineapple juice can be thick and creamy and finishing with the grapefruit will make sure that flushes all the pineapple juice through the juicer, ensuring that you get all that rich creamy goodness in your glass!)


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