A Pick-Me-Up Juice for a Recovering Patient!

Touch wood, we have been very lucky this year, in avoiding the multitude of bugs, germs and viruses, of both the gastric and head cold variety.  Thank goodness, as I know many of you who have been felled big time.

We had a blip last week with my son, who had a slight snuffle.  Not quite bad enough to stay home from school, but bad enough one morning to warrant a lot of sighing, sniffing and wafting about the place with the air of one resigned to their fate of math problems first period.

I didn’t have a busy day for once, and decided to take pity on the small boy, and give him the benefit of the doubt.  I packed him back up to bed (ignoring the whoops of delight as he bounded miraculously up the stairs) and took his indignant sister to school.

In fact, he really was under the weather and needed a few extra hours in bed, listening to stories and snuggling up.  It did me good too, to satisfy that maternal need that I think we all get from time to time to nurse our young ones.  Thankfully it was nothing serious, so we both enjoyed our time together.

When kids get the edge of something or when they’re recovering from an illness, fresh vegetable or fruit juice is a great way of giving them a boost of nutrients to help their bodies continue to fight any nasties, and of arming them with all that they need to recover quickly.

Thankfully Mother Nature has made a multitude of particularly tasty treats, which are good for revitalizing small people, and big people too for that matter.  The following recipe can be a great pick me up for anyone getting over a dose of whatever’s doing the rounds this week!!

By the way, Archie was back at school the next day, all the better for his day in bed, and a few glasses of Tropical Revitalizer to put a spring in his step again!

Tropical Revitalizer

1 granny smith apple

1 mango (peeled and stone removed)

½ pineapple (unpeeled)

4oz blueberries (can be frozen)

4oz strawberries (can be frozen)

Juice the pineapple and the apple, and then put the juice in a blender along with the blueberries and strawberries.  Whizz them all up together and serve to the delight of your recovering patient.


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