7 Day Juice Drench

7 day Juice Drench Program – Refresh, Restore, Revitalise

Whilst this is a traditional “detox” program,  I like to think of it as a spa like experience where your body is literally drenched in juice for 3 days.  This gives your digestive system a complete rest, allowing your body to get to work on clearing out all the toxins that may have built up in your body.  On day 4 you begin to introduce solid food again, but continue with the juicing, ensuring that your body is flooded with the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes it needs to heal itself.

The program includes:

  • Preparation for the 3 day “Juice Only Drench”
  • Rental of a Breville Juice Fountain 2000 for 7 days
  • Recipes and produce brought to your house to make all the juice you need for the first 3 days of the program
  • 2 hour coaching session on day 1, showing you how to make everything you need, what to expect and how to deal with any side effects from the program
  • Follow up coaching through the “transition days”, where you introduce solid food again, and how to do that without undoing all the good work from the detox!
  • “Help line” facility

Cost of the 7 day program is $350 including the produce for the first 3 days of the program

Email Jane at jane@janesjuice.com to arrange an appointment.